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Meet the Band

Andrew Profile 1_edited.jpg

Andrew Centanni


Corey Profile 1_edited.jpg

Corey Goldman


Maya Profile 1_edited_edited.jpg

Maya HR


Top 5 Drum Influences:

Joe Morello

Alex Acuña

Ziggy Modeliste

Tim Alexander

Billy Cobham

Top 5 Guitar Influences:

Jimmy Hendrix

Eddie Van Halen

Stevie Ray Vaughn

Gary Moore

David Gilmour

Top 5 Vocal Influences:

Hayley Williams

Lzzy Hale

Amy Lee

Kelly Clarkson

Janis Joplin

Band History

In 2016 - a few years after meeting in a funk music ensemble at Arizona State University - Andrew and Corey decided to form an alternative rock band called Valley Orange. For two and a half years afterwards, they jammed & collaborated with numerous musicians, but were never able to form a stable unit. The turning point came in 2019, when Maya auditioned for the band. Her personality and vocal style added the missing element that the band needed to gain momentum, and from that point on, the trio of Andrew, Corey, & Maya formed a close musical partnership centered around one shared value: the importance of good songwriting. In 2020, they released their first album, Vine, which showcased the different songwriting styles of each member in it's ten, diverse tracks. After Vine's release, they continued to mature in both their individual and collaborative songwriting skills, and in 2024, they released their second album, Risk Reward, which features eight songs written entirely through group collaboration. For their third album, they look to raise the bar even higher...stay tuned!

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